Natalie Salemink

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Natalie is the CEO and Founder of Skadi Labs, a technology company that recently built Prismatic: the place to create, manage and govern DAOs on Algorand. Natalie has 8 years of experience in blockchain-based capital markets across Australia, Singapore and Switzerland. Prior to founding Skadi Labs, Natalie worked at the SIX Digital Exchange in Zurich, a digital cash start-up in Sydney and founded as well as consulted various blockchain start-ups across Switzerland and Singapore. She also advices governments on defi regulation.
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The Current State Of DAOs

With every passing week, acknowledgement of and interest in the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (or DAOs) becomes more and more prevalent, both in and out of the web3 sphere. This is not without reason, as the exciting implications of and limitless potential inherent to...