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Venezuela and the Sovereign Bolivar

Problems in Venezuela Venezuela has been going through a hyperinflation crisis, during this time many Venezuelans adopted Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means to store their value and circumvent the economic crisis. The socialist government thought this was a pretty good idea and decided...
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A Look at the NFT Market Decline

NFTs were, and kind of still are, the hottest topic in the financial world. Cryptocurrencies usually make mainstream headlines for two reasons, scandal or price action, though in the past year there has been more focus on what the technology can do in a broader...
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El Salvador: Bitcoin as Legal Tender

Separating Fact from FUD Usually when a press release detailing “Pro-Crypto Government Body Proposes Bitcoin Legislation”, the media reacts just like a bunch of bedroom investors, spouting the usual sentiments of “BTC to the moon”, “the dollar is dead”, “RIP gold standard”, and so on....
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China and Bitcoin: Ongoing Mining Concerns

Hashing it Out Recently (Monday July 23rd), Bitcoin miners in the South Western province of Sinchuan had to cease mining operations or face strict punishment. This prompted a drop in the hash rate, therefore slowing down the networks of Bitcoin and some altcoins, whilst also...
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Short Review of CBDCs Around the World: Where, What, Which Stage?

What is a CBDC? In simple terms, a CBDC is a government-backed, owned, and operated currency that is legal tender, and as the landscape of digital finance evolves, governments are beginning to take the concept of digital currency very seriously, and it’s about time. The...
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Are NFTs a Passing Fad?

What Are NFTs? By this point, you hopefully know what an NFT is, and if you don’t, they’re basically unique digital pieces of property with provable ownership built on blockchain technologies. They’ve become popular in the art world and have drawn in a great deal...