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NFT artist @fianafandi
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The Crypto Crash and What It Actually Means for Investors

Dear Blocksters, brace yourselves. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are in a "dip" right now, to put it mildly. And of course, Vitalik Buterin is trending on Twitter about his take on Bitcoin and the crypto crash, driving even more fear, uncertainty and doubt about Bitcoin....
NYC NFT DIG Gotham Event
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Gotham Magazine & DIG Host VIP Investor Event for NYC NFT

NYC NFT was kicked off Sunday night with a VIP investor cocktail event in partnership with Gotham Magazine, co-hosted by Nick Champagne and Chris Gravagna. The exclusive VIP investor event was hosted at Nebula Nightclub, one of the most popular Manhattan event and nightlife clubs...
BAYC Ape Fest Kicks Off NYC NFT
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The BAYC Ape Fest Kicks Off NYC NFT in Good Spirit

NYC NFT Week officially kicks off this week! Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably come across dozens of Bored Ape YC posts on Twitter, sharing their stories about the upcoming NYC Ape Fest.   Of all the NFT communities, the...
Consensus 2022
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The Blockchain Hustle: Key Takeaways from Consensus

This was the first year Coindesk hosted their annual conference show, Consensus, outside of NYC—the event took place in Austin Texas. As usual, the Consensus show attracted the biggest blockchain businesses and people from around the world. Aside from all the side events and cool...
Jules Muck, Austin 2022
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Bitcoin Burning: Live Art Performance by Jules Muck

Watch Jules Muck host a live art performance, and talk about her inspiration behind the Bitcoin artwork. The live art performance took place during this Consensus show in Austin Texas. As usually, the show attracted the biggest blockchain businesses and people from around the world....
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Addressing The Situation In Ukraine – From Our Co-Founder

Dear Blocksters, Many of you are seeing our platform and reading our stories for the first time, and I hope you’re enjoying what we’ve built. This has been a long and challenging journey, as you can imagine any startup would be. However, we’re finally getting...
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It's Time To Add BXR To Your Watchlist

Hey Blocksters, I just wanted to say a quick hello to the community and let you all know that the BXR token, which powers our all-in-one content platform for crypto, is now listed on CMC and Coingecko. So, be sure to add BXR to your...