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Blockster Partners with NFTrade

Blockster is excited to announce a new partnership with NFTrade — the first blockchain-agnostic, cross-chain NFT platform. The partnership will allow our projects to explore synergies and pursue potential new solutions that the blockchain industry has yet to discover and offer. As the hype keeps...
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$BXR Buyer’s FAQ – Your Questions Answered

Our previous blog post answered some of the most frequently asked questions about BXR, such as supported wallets and future exchange listings (You can refer to the original post for more information). But during this past week, we’ve received a whole bunch of new inquiries...
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Buy BXR Directly On Blockster For $1: The FAQ

$1 was the original token sale offering for BXR, and that’s the price at which the bulk of tokens were sold. Therefore we’re adapting to the market’s current valuation of Blockster (BXR) at this early stage and adjusting the price accordingly. The offering will last...