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Pay To Play Vs. Play To Earn: What Are They?

Delving a bit into their differences, pay-to-play games typically require upfront payment to play. Major gaming technology behemoths such as PlayStation and Xbox are particularly fond of the model and currently employ it on their PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass platforms. Their services are...
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Ethereum Delays Difficulty Bomb Once Again – What This Means

What Happens When the Difficulty Bomb is Detonated?The difficulty bomb is a coding implementation on the blockchain that increases mining difficulty. It leads to an increase in time when mining new blocks, thus reducing mining rewards. The 2022 implementation is designed to make mining under...
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Ethereum Announces Merge Expected By Q1 2022

During the much-anticipated Merge event, the Ethereum Mainnet will become its own shard. The process, which is scheduled to occur in the second quarter of 2022 will bring to an end the current Ethereum Proof of Work system and convert it into a Proof of...
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Polygon (MATIC) – A Layer 2 Solution That ETH Will Always Need

It Enhances the Utility of the Ethereum BlockchainPolygon, formerly known as the Matic Network, is a formidable Layer-2 scaling solution that enhances payment and lending networks on the Ethereum blockchain. It also boosts the performance of atomic swaps, DEX, and dApp operations. In a nutshell,...
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Could This Bull Run Last Months or More?

Bitcoin prices have been on the upswing since the end of July to retest highs achieved at the beginning of the year. So, will the current bull run continue in the medium term, or is the market headed to a bearish season? To be able...