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Beeple – The Artist Raking In Millions With NFTs

New computer technology has brought with it digital graphic design, a new way of expressing art, and with the emergence of NFT tokens, a tool to register and certify that art, vital for its commercialization. One of its major exhibitors is Mike Winkelmann, who many...
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Kusama Making Waves — A Guide To KSM

If you want to be successful, you need your project to be fully functional and address these key aspects. Scalability, accepting an unlimited number of users operating concurrently. Speed, they can process thousands or millions of operations per second. Sustainability, all of the features need...
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NFT And Terra Virtua Marketplace

There are 3 major events that have impacted the blockchain world. The first one of course, is the appearance of Bitcoin, which is the first cryptocurrency mined in January 2009 by one or a group of people still unknown, with the name of Satoshi Nakamoto....
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ARPA Chain (ARPA) – An Interesting Project That Is Here To Stay

However, in October the market experienced an interesting recovery, I think mostly due to the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in European countries. Payments giant PayPal will accept 4 cryptocurrencies initially in the United Kingdom. Now to ARPA. I am a firm believer that many projects will...
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Serum (SRM) Closes On Top 50 – Is It A Good Investment?

Motivated by the high transaction fees and the lack of scalability of applications on the Ethereum blockchain, several blockchain projects have taken the initiative to solve the problem. This is the case of Solana, with its features and tools available for new developments, which lends...