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A Guide to Maker and MakerDAO

The decentralized financial system is home to various blockchain-based protocols. At press time, the total value of locked assets in DeFi stands at $87.42 billion. Ranking as the second protocol is MakerDAO, which has locked assets worth $13.27 billion. MakerDAO operates like a money market...
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What Are Crypto ATMs, And How Do They Work?

Currently, the global crypto acceptance rate records an increase of 880% since 2020. What’s more, people worldwide are getting more exposed to crypto-related services such as ATMs every day. Point in case, crypto ATMs are somehow physically similar to the devices used in traditional banking...
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How Much is Silver Worth? Does it Compete with Bitcoin?

Silver is usually described as "poor man's gold," although it has more similarities with copper. In the 1980s and 1990s, silver went through a period of appreciation, but the trend reversed over the last 2 decades. Thus, its value distanced itself from gold. How much...
How Does Helium Work
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Everything You Need To Know About Helium

The Helium network uses Internet-connected (IoT) devices for data exchange. Miners are providers of Helium Network coverage. Helium Hotspots utilize RF radio waves to provide coverage in exchange for Helium tokens. Its placement and antenna strength are key factors contributing to the earning potential of...