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Read More Launches A Carbon Credit NFT Minting Platform

The figures couldn't paint a grimmer picture. According to the Global Carbon Project, we'll have emitted 36.4 billion tonnes of carbon to the atmosphere by the year's end. Coming at a time when global temperatures are rising, this is a worrying revelation. Accordingly, climate-conscious individuals...
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BNB VS CRO — Crypto Exchange Coins Target New Investors

These digital currencies operate on the efficiency of the underlying blockchain technology for many purposes, with the main one being decentralization. They are also tradable for fiat currencies. For these trades to happen, an intermediary is necessary to connect traders to crypto companies. These intermediaries,...
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5 Challenges Crypto Faces In 2022

At the center of this huge price, movements were Bitcoin. Although the flagship crypto had a few tough spells, it still stands as the captain of the digital currency ship. Investors view cryptocurrencies as game-changers in creating a more transparent and just economy. However, it...
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What Key Things Drive The Value Of The Crypto Market?

His project works as a digital currency that is secure and free from manipulation by third parties, including banks. Like a wise visionary, Satoshi shared the source of his project openly. Many other developers like Vitalik Buterin, founder of ETH, came up with alternative projects...
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Bitcoin Cash Vs. Bitcoin Gold Vs. Bitcoin SV – Which Is Best?

Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, and Bitcoin SV have all one thing in common- they are all folks of Bitcoin. The major cause of the disagreement was Bitcoin's scalability issues. Bitcoin block sizes are limited to 1MB; hence the coin can only handle seven transactions per...
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Stacks (STX) – All You Need To Know About This Top 50 Crypto

Although Bitcoin is currently leading the way as it is trading at record highs of above $65K, scalability is one of the most notable limitations of its network. However, one of the most recent projects that could help solve the scalability issue is the Stacks...
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Decentraland is Gaining a Lot of Hype – All About This Exciting Project

Accordingly, different developers are jostling for market share. When imitation is the norm, projects are introducing exceptional features that'll set them apart. One such project is Decentraland. It seeks to provide gamers with the experiences they desire while providing earning opportunities to them. So, what...
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A Guide to Maker and MakerDAO

The decentralized financial system is home to various blockchain-based protocols. At press time, the total value of locked assets in DeFi stands at $87.42 billion. Ranking as the second protocol is MakerDAO, which has locked assets worth $13.27 billion. MakerDAO operates like a money market...
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What Are Crypto ATMs, And How Do They Work?

Currently, the global crypto acceptance rate records an increase of 880% since 2020. What’s more, people worldwide are getting more exposed to crypto-related services such as ATMs every day. Point in case, crypto ATMs are somehow physically similar to the devices used in traditional banking...
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Why You Shouldn't Overlook Algorand – It has a Lot of Potential

Consequently, most of the altcoins and their Blockchain projects remain obscure, hardly ever receiving publicity. Regardless, several of them have shown great promise in their technology and long-term value. Algorand is one such project. So, what's Algorand? What Features distinguish it from the rest? What...
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Poloniex to Settle SEC Charges in the US — A Fresh Look at the Situation

A Progressing Crypto ExchangeDespite its lack of services like Binance, Poloniex still offers the standard quality service expected from a centralized exchange. The platform’s ownership change in 2019 is one of the reasons why it is progressing more and offering better services than before. Currently,...
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5 Things To Look Forward To With The London Fork

Now, the crypto scene is gearing up for a much-anticipated upgrade; the London fork. With only a few hours left, according to the official site's countdown, crypto enthusiasts across the globe are eagerly waiting to see what direction the markets take following this fork. And...