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Coinbase Vs SEC – Why The War Is Just Beginning

This is probably best highlighted by the fact that since the start of 2021, the total capitalization of this yet nascent sector has risen from around $770 million to over $2.8 trillion, thus representing a growth of around 300%. Not only that, over the past...
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Pitting XLM Against XRP – Which Altcoin Has The Best Outlook?

For example, altcoin enthusiasts have continued to pit Stellar with Ripple in recent years due to the fact that both blockchains are designed to serve somewhat similar purposes. In this article, we will look to compare the two assets and see which one has a...
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Meet SwissBorg — An All-in-One Crypto Investment Solution

What is SwissBorg?In its most basic sense, SwissBorg can be viewed as a wealth management ecosystem that helps provide users with a host of fair, safe, and accessible applications that can help facilitate their crypto investments. Alternatively, one can also say that the platform provides...
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CoinJar Card Allows You to Spend Over 30 Cryptos in Australia

The global payments landscape has changed significantly over the last few years, with an increasing number of people now turning towards crypto solutions to fulfill their daily remittance needs. To put things into perspective, as per a number of reports, the Global Bitcoin payment ecosystem...
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CFDs Explained — Here’s Why Only Experts Should Use Them

This setup enables individuals with a relatively small initial investment to incur lucrative gains — those that are equivalent to that of the underlying market or asset. And even though on paper CFDs seem like an investment no-brainer, the unfortunate reality is that the ‘margin...
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Vitalik Buterin Is Working On A Crypto Documentary – Here’s What We Know

Tentatively titled “Ethereum: The Infinite Garden”, the documentary will feature in-depth interviews with a wide array of individuals linked with the development of Ether’s world computer vision, including the project’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin as well as the exec. director of the Ethereum Foundation Aya Miyaguchi....
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3 Countries Where Crypto Is Banned And Why

To put things into perspective as to how bad things had really become some years ago, a report shows that over the first half of 2018, a whopping $12 billion was compromised as a result of various rug pull schemes, exit scams, etc. In this...
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Beware of Youtubers/Influencers And Their Crypto Scams

Despite this, Etheruem Max has been able to rope in influencers such as retired NBA superstar and Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce as well as one of the most highly regarded boxers of all time Floyd Mayweather Jr. What’s even more alarming is that in...
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Is It Safe To Leave Your Crypto In An Exchange?

FIn its most basic sense, a hot wallet is a software solution that is capable of storing various digital assets. It can be accessed using your computer, smartphone, or device and is typically employed by most exchanges and other associated crypto platforms. On the other...
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Stablecoins And CBDCs Are The Future Of Digital Finance

There is simply no denying the fact that crypto has transformed from this once niche’ tech domain to a fully-fledged economy. It boasts a number of high-profile investors and also an army of elite developers working day and night on a host of excellent projects....
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Should You Try Margin Trading? – An Honest Guide

With cryptocurrencies becoming increasingly popular across the globe in recent years, an increasing number of investors, both retail and institutional, seem to be entering this space at a furious pace. This is probably best made evident by the fact that over the course of Q1...