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A Project To Watch–NFTv

When I was growing up, Saturday morning meant one thing: cartoons. We didn’t have a lot of money back then, so my entertainment consisted of a handful of VHS cassettes (remember those?) with content I had recorded from TV programs. I still remember waiting to...
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Is Japan Stifling Crypto With Overregulation?

Crypto Regulation in JapanAs a first-mover in this field, Japan legalized cryptocurrency by amending its Payment Service Act and Fund Settlement Law in 2016. After these landmark moves, the nation recognized digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE) as property value that can be...
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Yield Farming On DeFi Luna

By Evan Moffic In 2016, after five years at Microsoft, a bored computer science graduate of Stanford University started his first company. It aimed to expand internet access to impoverished populations around the world. As the company grew, its founder, Do Kwon, became so intrigued...
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A Beginner's Guide To Yield Farming

Banks make a lot of money. Last year the CEO of Chase bank received a salary of $22 million, along with hundreds of millions more in stock options. What if you could do exactly what banks do? You can lend money and make more in...
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The Art Of Whitelists

…but not many know how to get them early for a few hundred dollars. The answer is whitelists. Lucky investors who bought Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs at launch this April only paid about $300 in Ether. Now you can’t buy one for less than...