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10KTF x Puma.ETH Partnership
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10KTF NFTs Rake In 1.3M $APE After Partnering With Gucci & Puma

ANNOUNCEMENT -- 10KTF, an elaborate and story-driven NFT project just closed out its latest drop – the 10KTF Combat Crate collection raking in over 1.3M $APE (~ $10M USD) over a two-day sale in a crypto bear market. The sale follows 10KTF’s recent partnerships with...
SuperGucci NFT Collection. Made by @SuperPlastic
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The Beginner’s Guide To NFTs

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are assets on a blockchain with unique data that differentiates them from each other. NFTs are also cryptocurrencies on the blockchain but unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, there can only be one original form of a particular NFT. They are called non fungible...