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Can Staking Lose Your Crypto?

Due to the energy and environmental consumption issues that come with crypto mining, staking is frequently considered an alternative. It is simply the act of securing cryptocurrency so as to obtain the benefits and gains that come with it. It is a reward-based mechanism for...
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10 Celebrities That Personally Invest In Crypto

Cryptocurrency adoption has been booming since the year began. From big institutional investors to retail and individual investors, the crypto market is almost free for all. As Bitcoin's price rose earlier in the year past $60,000, the acceptance of crypto gained more traction and its...
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The Ongoing NFT Heists: Artists Face Piracy

At the start of the NFT boom in February, many predicted that as people purchased digital arts, there would be cases of piracy and theft. It wasn't long before it began. Impersonating Artists As the NFT gold rush continued to surge in March, artist Derek...
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Will The Environmental Issues Surrounding Crypto Stop?

Bitcoin plunged to a record low of $28,000 last week from a record high of $65,000 in April. The cryptocurrency took a beating after China pulled the plug on miners, significantly reducing the BTC hash rate. Many crypto sceptics have since pointed to the ever-raging...
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China's Ban On Mining: The Crypto Landscape Is Changing

According to estimates from the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index, China is the world's largest cryptocurrency mining site, accounting for 65% of the bitcoin hash rate, a unit of measure for the processing power needed by the bitcoin network to authenticate transactions and mine new...
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What Are NFTs And Why Is Everyone Talking About It

But on the first day of March, Jack Dorsey, the co-founder, and CEO of Twitter, decided to make your Sci-fi joke come true. Dorsey put up his first-ever tweet, "just setting up Twitter" on a digital goods marketplace called Valuables. As of March 6, the...