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Scam Or No Scam?

A crypto project is simply a tech startup. And the chances of a tech startup succeeding is about 10%. Put another way, 90% of tech startups fail. But a crypto project also has a cryptocurrency tokenomics revenue model that is theoretical and untested, meaning that...
Blockster, blockchain hustler
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Blocksters: Embrace The Blockchain Hustle

A Blockster is someone who embraces the blockchain hustle - he or she is a blockchain hustler. Blocksters are sharp, curious and always looking for opportunities. Fortunately the opportunities in crypto are virtually endless, meaning that Blocksters are always working on something and are constantly...
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VCs Pouring Billions Into Web3 Startups

In the grip of another harsh crypto winter, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. Bitcoin and Ether keep going down and crypto critics talk constantly about how everything has gone wrong and warn that prices will never recover.  But many VC firms...
Los Malandros NFT
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5 Awesome NFT Artists to Follow on Instagram

Check out these 5 NFT artists who’ve made it onto Blockster’s favorites list. They’re doing awesome work and building strong communities, and of course, the artwork is stunning. They’re not running any special promotions or dropping anything huge right now—we just really like them, and...