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5 Yield Farming Platforms To Make Money Right Now!

Yield farming is a decentralized finance (DeFi) product offered by developers through crypto projects. Yield farming brought a new dimension to cryptocurrency investment and created a way for investors to earn without taking huge risks. But yield farming does not benefit investors only; it is...
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How Do Scammers Cash Out Ill-Gotten Gains?

On November 18, Elliptic published a report on decentralized finance (DeFi) fraud in 2021. Elliptic stated that victims lost over $12 billion in DeFi between January and November in the information. The firm noted that $10.8 billion was lost to fraud and theft. That represents...
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India Set To Make Crypto Tokens An Asset Class — What This Means?

Cryptocurrency BansFollowing China’s cryptocurrency ban, regulatory concerns quickly shot up across the crypto community. But countries with the biggest crypto interest and use were the main focus. India, the second-biggest crypto country in Asia, became the focus of regulatory concerns. The fear of a crypto...
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Should You Move From CEX To DEX? For And Against

The bulk of exchanges have a centralized structure. In the crypto space, they are known as CEXs — short for centralized exchanges. These trading platforms have a central governing system and are run like a proper company, with regulatory compliance and know-your-customer services. Users are...
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Justin Sun — The Young Entrepreneur Behind TRON

July 30th, 2017, the TRON network went live. The launch was another in the list of blockchain network launches that happened in 2017, signaling the beginning of great things for the cryptocurrency space. Coincidentally, or not, that day was the 27th birthday anniversary of TRON's...
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Should You Encrypt Your Seed Phrase? Pros And Cons

One of the core concepts of cryptocurrency is liberty. You should be able to access your digital assets without any hindrances. This includes not going through any rigorous process of identity. Blockchain like Bitcoin and Ethereum stores and secures your crypto using a peer-to-peer network...