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Charles Hoskinson – Charlatan Or Messiah?

He attended Metropolitan State University in Denver and University of Colorado Boulder where he studied analytic number theory but failed to complete his PhD. Hoskinson moved to the blockchain space after he quit his consultancy job in 2013 by beginning a project dubbed Bitcoin Education...
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Reddit Crypto Prediction Tournaments: What Are They And How To Take Part?

The new feature is similar to Prediction markets which allow players to bet real money or crypto on real-world outcomes. For Reddit’s Predictions, users stake tokens on certain results in moderator-created tournaments. The Prediction feature which was tested in at least two popular subreddits involved...
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MoneyGram And Stellar Deal Could Catapult Stellar To The Stars

Stellar is a blockchain network that facilitates cross-border transactions. The network was launched in 2014 with the aim of easing transactions between any pair of currencies by introducing affordable rates so that the network can reach the unbanked. The success and adoption of the crypto...
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Can Dogecoin Really Reach $1? Maxis Say Yes, Experts Say No Way

As a result, varying analysis has come forth, with a huge number claiming that the meme coin can climb to $1 and even $10. However, more analysts and crypto enthusiasts have reputed these predictions, claiming that Doge can never get to $1 given the laws...
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5 Cryptos To Earn Yield – Without Staking

When you deposit money in a bank, it is like you are giving the institution a loan, for which you get interest. Earning yield in crypto is more or less the same, it involves lending cryptocurrency and in return you get interest and other times...
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Sizing Up the Crypto Market Against the Stock and Forex Markets

The market struggled to gain acceptance during its formative years, following the creation of Bitcoin in 2009. However, fortunes have changed recently as institutional investors, regulators, and the wider market continue to warm up to digital assets. This increased recognition has accelerated their adoption, sparked...